Little Canada

Recently Eva and I were able to take in the iconic Toronto skyline, hear the roaring of Niagara Falls, see stunning fireworks display against the backdrop of Parliament Hill, and visit the cobblestone streets and charming architecture of Quebec City — all in under an hour. 

How? We visited Little Canada, an exhibit that takes you on a journey of discovery through the sights and sounds of our great country in miniature scale. A scale of 1:87 to be exact. 

The Laus personally invested in Little Canada a few years ago, and one that’s been incredible to see come to life. We remember visiting the workshop in January 2018 and seeing the skill and dedication of Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer and his team in creating the beauty of Canada’s vistas, its famous landmarks, and iconic cityscapes in miniature form. Now that the exhibit is open, it’s jaw-dropping to see the level of detail involved: every time we looked there was something new to discover. 

As part of the Little Canada experience, Eva and I also got to try out the Littlization Station. We were scanned and our likeness will be 3D printed into our very own Little Me figurine that will get placed inside Little Canada. Way cooler than a bobblehead! 

But perhaps the coolest thing about visiting Little Canada was this:

Can’t see it? Hang on, let’s get closer:

That’s right: Wattpad HQ exists in Little Canada, too. It was so fun to see our logo on a miniature building in the miniature St. Lawrence Market area of miniature downtown Toronto. 

Here are a few more pictures from our visit. I hope you have a chance to explore Little Canada soon and see for yourself how this tiny experience delivers a big wow factor. 

One thought on “Little Canada

  1. I also went a few weeks ago and was blown away by the detail and craftsmanship and what was obviously hours upon hours and years upon years of labour. It’s incredible!


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