3D Generative AI

No doubt Grand Tourismo 7 is one of VR’s killer apps! Although my Thrustmaster setup already has a brake pedal with an adjustable spring, a seatbelt and a manual transmission with a clutch to maximize the immersiveness, PS VR2 brings it to another level. Watch the video if you don’t believe me!

Although Two Small Fish Ventures does not invest in games, we invested in platforms like Horizon Blockchain Games and Masterpiece Studio. These platforms transform how games are created and unlock new values for gamers and game creators in unprecedented ways.

For instance, creating game-ready 3D assets is very challenging and time-consuming. Using Masterpiece’s 3D Generative AI, one can now create 3D assets with just a few words, such as “blonde viking with a beard.”

Millions of people are already creating games. Unity, one of the most popular game engines used by 2 billion monthly gamers, already has over 1.6 million monthly creators. Platforms like Masterpiece will further democratize game creation and unlock creativity amongst millions who never thought they would become game creators.

Check out Masterpiece Studio’s 3D Generative AI here.

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